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“We were gone for a minute, but now we’re back up in it”


The long awaited move from HTML to PHP format has taken the popular, underground website leaps and bounds into the future.


Director and programmer E. Sims a.k.a. Echomatic progresses his vision for an interactive, community-based, hip-hop website to a whole notha’ level ya’ll!


You- the members are invited to spread the word and get your web on! Check out a new and improved layout, increased ease of navigation, and new features such as the Producer Showcase, and Member’s Showcase.  Particularly impressive is the aforementioned member’s showcase, where you- the members, can literally create your own websites integrated into, allowing you to up-load images, music and media files directly to the server. This further fulfills the mission to give up & coming artists a free, multimedia venue to network and showcase talent.


Plus… all your favorite old’ features return so fresh and fly with new look and interactive capabilities: Highlight of the Month, Podcasting, Event Calender, Community Board, Links pages, and more!



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Attn: All existing members will need to re-sign-up on the new site as the forum has become integrated into vanhiphop’s server. expires on March 18th as we know it, but will be re-directed to Thanks.