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HighLight Of The Month Explicit

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Click here to download the track "Got it all"

Jamie Michel Giroux (aka Explicit) was born Sept. 16, 1982, at Centenary Hospital in Scarborough, Ontario Canada. Growing up by Toronto in his early years, Explicit moved with his mother to Keswick, where he attended numerous schools because of his family situation. Eventually, Explicit moved back to Scarborough with his father where he finished his education and currently resides.


Explicit was introduced to music at a very young age, going to concerts with his father — his first being the Moody Blues. Since that day, he dreamed of entertaining and performing for live audiences.


“I saw the way that Moody Blues interacted with the fans. I saw the happiness that was placed in these people, it was as if they were bought out of a harsh world and forgot their problems for three hours of entertainment,” he said.


Explicit’s influences reach beyond the Moody Blues. He admires “any artist that has a passion for what they do and speaks from the mind or heart.” Tupac was one such artist with his spiritual lyrics. Explicit has utmost respect for people “that are true to themselves and don't represent themselves as something that they're not, especially since Hip Hop is about being yourself.”


With remarkable talent, motivation, hard work, catchy hooks and clubby beats, Explicit is planning on taking over a Canadian market in a genre that has been almost untouchable by other artists.


Explicit realizes that New York and the Dirty South are currently the scene for Hip Hop, but makes it his goals to get the T-Dot (Toronto) recognized in the same category. “I want to give something back to the community that has given my some much in return. Toronto has given me a sense of freedom, whether it’s the people or just a place to clear my thoughts.”


When asked about this, Explicit threw back with “It is our time to shine, you don’t have to be from these cities or Los Angeles to be famous.”


Explicit’s debut album “Canadian Content” is in the early stages of recording. Once finished, Explicit plans on going on a nationwide tour for the fans.


“I like to interact with the fans, either getting them involved with my act or just talking to them as much as I can. I give respect, where respect is due, because you can never forgot the people that got you to where you are now.


My Biography was pimped out by Vanessa Wood, Publicist, Ghetto Prince Productions