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HighLight of the Month Conflict


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Click here to download the track: FireFlow

Conflict can be found anywhere and everywhere. It is the constant clash of the elements that surrounds and envelopes us. The ongoing battle between races, the constant wars, crime, and pollution, barrage us and create conflicts everyday.

Conflict has been producing his own beats and rhymes for over 7 years now and is perfecting his skills now for a total T-Dot uprise of true hip-hop culture. It all started with small production at his home in north york at the age of 16. After creating some original beats with samples from popular movies such as "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" the sound waves starting blowing up his hood. Perfomances at his high school (Don Mills C.I) followed, and soon, local studios were interested in hearing what he and his friends had to say. Of course, drama and stress is inevitable, and several legal issues complicated progress. Conflict continued to work on his skills through jail and house arrest, and as an emcee, got into deep issues, especially the racial problems in the city of Toronto.

Toronto is a very multicultural city, and there are many cultures that look for the proper respect they deserve. Conflict continues to strive for a hip-hop sound that breaks up the common misconceptions of masses. Comprehending the environment we live in is essential to growth and change. Conflict brings raw emotion to the microphone, and engages the listener in stories, and real life experiences that have touched him in life. Conflict produced a mixtape "Conflict: The Resolution" and news has been spreading like napalm blasts since.

Drawing from personal experiences in different hoods of toronto,(born in Jungle, moved Rexdale, Malvern, North York) and speaking for the friends he grew up with from Flemo, Parma Court, Conflict mixes the story of the hustler grinding it out, with the nomad, on the quest to understand God and culture.