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Click here to download the track from "Discreet Ft Simon, Blaze - When It Rains It Pours"

On October 14, 1985, a chapter in history was created. Greg Joynson a.k.a Discreet would begin his journey in a very unforgivable world. At age 4 his parents divorced and his father moved across the country. Just before graduation at age 17 in 2003 he was kicked out of high school due to poor attendance. Life has never been fair nor easy for his struggling family. His mom, Erika, had been sick for the greater portion of Discreet's upbringing as a child with his twin brother, Dustin. His mom is his biggest influence in life, surviving day to day with a list of health problems from Hepatitis B to Meningitis, to Chronic Pancreatitis. Although most fatal, she continues to suffer trying to do every last possible thing she can and could do for her 2 son's.
Discreet focuses his music on his childhook, the lifestyle he chose, and the harsh reality we face today called life. He writes, records and mixes his own music and produces his own instrumentals in his basement studio. He even designs his own covert art and graphics.
Now, 21 year old, graphic designer/MC turned producer is trying to ressurect true hip hop, and make a living wage from the music he brings to you.

Discreet has currently just started his solo LP entitled "Victorias Secret". No release date as of yet. Expected to release sometime late 2007.