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Shipping Methods & Costs-Return/Exchange Policy

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Contact us live between 8am-9pm pst time Monday-Friday:

email for us to reply @

Shipping Methods & Costs:
All orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours of being submitted. Orders placed by 5 pm EST Monday - Friday [end of office hours] will generally ship out by the next business day.


Shipping in Canada/Shipping to the U.S.A.

There is a flat rate of $2.50 for shipping and Handling in Canada & the USA. This covers the cost for OfficeMax Bubble Wrap Cushioned CD Mailer Envelopes so your CD gets to you nice and safe.

Return/Exchange Policy
Because of the ease in which media is duplicated, we cannot allow refunds on sales of any CD's. If you receive a defective item, send us an email at [please put "RE: DEFECTIVE" in the subject line] to notify us that you will be sending the item back. Let us know your name, address, defective CD, and what in particular was misplaying on the particular CD. Once this is done we will give you an address to send the CD back. We will send you a new CD ASAP after this is done.